Exhibit Profile & Zones


4 specilised zones maximise show results.
Check out what each zone features and look for the best area for your products!

Exhibit Zones – Choose your best area!
listAging Care Zone listContract Manufacturing/Private Label Zone
listDiet Zone listInternal Body Cleanse Care Zone
  • Aging Care Zone

    • Beauty Beverage
    • Supplement for Middle Aged
    • Health Builder
    • etc.

    Contract Manufacturing/Private Label Zone

    • PB Products Plan Proposal
    • etc.

    Diet Zone

    • Low Calorie Food
    • Absorption-Preventing Calorie
    • Fat Burning
    • etc.

    Internal Body Cleanse Care Zone

    • Internal Organs
    • Measures for Blood Flow and Blood Pressure
    • Boost the Ability of Immune System
    • etc.